3D Animation

Character Animator, 3D Artist and Author of the Book Animate That!

With over 15 years in the Industry, I have worked with studios such as Crytek, Flaregames, Cliche VFX Studio, AMC Pixel Studio, Fiftyeight Animation Studio, Velvet Medien Design, Egg Post Production and more.

I am a graduate of the Animation Mentor and Ianimate schools, character and creature animation.

I combine my animation expertise and background with my digital skills to create high quality animation for Games, Feature Films, TV Series, Short Films, Commercials and Web based content for German and International clients.

Chimney Findus, Hexe Lilly, Monkey
Egg Post Production Animation TV Pilot - Sony TV/ABC Studios
Velvet Medien Design Stephen Curry Brita Commercial - match movie animation
Cliche VFX 3D Character Animator - On - Site Project 
Flaregames 3D Character Animator
FIFTYEIGHT 3D Animation & Digital Effects GmbH 3D Character Animator - On - Site Project 
Crytek GmbH 3D Artist
AMC pixel studio 3D Artist
Animation Mentor Character Animation / Animal & Creature Animation
IAnimate Advance Character Animation Training
Intergraphics, Athens 3D Professional School
Exams/Qualifications High School/College
3D Animation
Cutout Animation and Rigging
3D Studio Max
Softimage XSI
Adobe Photoshop
Anime Studio Pro
Toom Boom
Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects